The 10 best puzzle games on Nintendo Switch

With the essential feature of handheld gameplay, the Nintendo Switch is a fitting platform to casually play puzzle games on. And the Switch has plenty to offer across a number of different puzzle subgenres, from falling block puzzle games, mysteries to solve, cooperative problem solving, and other general brainteasers. There are some obvious Nintendo-published standouts in the larger genre, including Snipperclips and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, but there are plenty of third-party gems to explore as well. These are 10 of just some of the best puzzle games for Nintendo Switch, in alphabetical order.

25 transgender celebrities who broke barriers

Stacker has compiled a list of 25 of these prolific transgender celebrities. These individuals have been featured in recent news stories for their activist efforts, have received publicity for their media appearances, or have simply made their place in history. The following list is in alphabetical order by first name. This list covers their backgrounds and summarizes their bodies of work, along with detailing any famous firsts they accomplished and their activist work, if applicable. There are no politicians on this list. Read on to see which of these celebrities you recognize and whose work you have followed.

What to Know Before Playing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Developer Insomniac Games revitalized Spider-Man with their 2018 PlayStation 4 game, and the studio will continue the story with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The character of Miles Morales has had some greater mainstream exposure in recent years, especially with the Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. After gaining his spider abilities during the 2018 game, this new title for PS4 and PS5 will have Miles headline his own story. There are new characters and new concepts that this new game will have, so let's go over ten key facts to know before starting the game.

Top Ten Best Battle Royale Video Games to Play Online

Battle royale video games carry this "last person standing" trait to their core, and many of these titles have some shared elements. Some other popular battle royales have their own take in the genre, with some combining with other genres such as the platformer or a puzzle game, and others involving absolutely no gunplay. Whatever the gameplay style may be, we've gathered the top battle royale games for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

The 10 best dating sims on Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re lovesick or not, dating simulators can provide an entertaining vicarious experience. Romance in games can lead to complicated mechanics, branching paths, and meters to keep track of — you might argue that the complexity of these games is true to life. But it’s a bit of fantasy fulfillment as well, with dating sims presenting fantastical and silly scenarios for you to figure out how to navigate through. The Nintendo Switch is primed for visual novels, so we gathered ten standout dating sims (in alphabetical order) to cozy up with in handheld mode.

The 10 best Picross games on Nintendo Switch

Puzzle games are a perfect fit for any portable console, and the Picross subgenre in particular has always had a home with Nintendo platforms. Also known as a nonogram, Picross puzzles are games of logic, where players fill out a grid to form a picture, using numbers as hints. The term Picross comes from “picture crossword,” and Nintendo devices from the Game Boy to the Switch have housed these games. We found ten of the best Picross games on Switch, many featuring other gameplay elements and concepts to shake up the formula. The list below is in alphabetical order.

The 10 best Mario Kart music tracks to study to

One fun life hack that you may have seen making the rounds on TikTok is the use of Mario Kart music during intense study sessions. The vast catalog of music from the racing series contains mentally stimulating or relaxing songs, with the most popular one being the fun chaotic theme of Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii. Here are 10 frantic or chill Mario Kart track songs in alphabetical order, besides the aforementioned one, that you can cram in last-minute work to. We also have a similar recommendation with each song to cover more ground.

The best couch co-op games for Switch

Everyone remembers how they found the initial reveal video for the Nintendo Switch to be just a little silly — were we really expected to carry this device everywhere we went and pass these detachable controllers around to “spread the joy?” We may not all hold bougie rooftop parties like in that trailer, but for the most part, the Switch has proven to be a formidable couch co-op machine, thanks to every switch coming with two Joy-Con controllers. We’ve taken stock of some of the best couch co-op games for Nintendo Switch, most of them coming from Nintendo themselves — here are the ten best of these games, in alphabetical order.

50 celebrities with a history of protest

Stacker looked back in history for other similar moments in time: the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, governmental action against communism, Proposition 8, and several environmental incidents are included. Through news articles, listicles, and retrospectives, Stacker has compiled a list of 50 celebrities of different races fighting for different causes who have a history of participating in protests or have made significant news through their participation. Click on to see which causes your favorite stars may have supported.

50 card games to play at home and the stories behind them

With this in mind, Stacker has compiled 50 of the most popular card games that anyone can play with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. This list includes games from the aforementioned skill levels and genres, sourced and referenced from a number of game-enthusiast websites and storefronts like BoardGameGeek and, and databases for games like Pagat. Each slide will describe the basic rules of the game, other similar and comparable card games, and if applicable or available, a brief history of the game. And even if all options have been exhausted, one could resort to card tricks, card throwing, and building houses of cards for merriment. Read on to see the best games you can play with your own deck of cards during this period of social distancing.

25 iconic directors’ first films in color

Stacker surveyed film history and chose 25 iconic directors who made the switch from black-and-white films to films in color at some point in their career. Due to the scarcity of women filmmakers in a male-dominated filmmaking culture throughout history, there is only one woman on the list. Only feature films were considered. Click on to see the first steps that some of these directors took into a new, colorful cinematic world.

100 greatest movie songs from 100 years of film

With a long, grand history spanning more than a century, Stacker compiled the 100 greatest movie songs using data from the American Film Industry's 100 Years Project. The survey, which occurred in 2004 (hence no recent tunes like “Let It Go” from “Frozen”), asked a selection of jurors from across the movie industry to evaluate music and lyrics "featured in an American film that set a tone or mood, define character, advance plot and/or express the film’s themes in a manner that elevates the moving image art form." The cultural impact and legacy involving the song were also important criteria in the selection process. Click on to see some of the most important songs that stuck with audiences long after the credits rolled.

50 famous firsts from TV history

Looking back television's short by wide-ranging history, Stacker selected 50 significant firsts. Compiled from observations made by many other television critics and historians, the gallery includes firsts in television technology, easing sentiments on certain taboos, and groundbreaking creative decisions that increased representation for certain demographics. These firsts may seem menial today, but many of the moments featured here created uproar, controversy, and debate during times where this content was uncommon on the airwaves. Read on to see some of the most impactful shows and moments that would forever change television history.
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